Our Unified Commerce Strategy will put you ahead of the curve, and keep you there

After powering $50 billion a year in payments for 1,250 technology partners and 130,000 merchants, we have a strong viewpoint about commerce in the digital economy. It’s not just about payment platforms, EMV adoption and advancements in POS terminals. This all misses the point.

It’s really about competing in a new era where payment processing is the new battleground. From disruptive business models and the explosion of new devices and points of sale, to customer expectations for cross-channel recognition and the emergence of data as the new currency, ISOs, Fintech Innovators and Technologists today are facing a PAYMENT CRUNCH.

The Solution

Make a simple shift to a Unified Commerce Strategy by becoming an TRU payment gateway partner and leverage today’s disruptive opportunity.

The payment crunch!

ISOs, Fintech Innovators and Technologists who fail to adopt this new era risk being left behind.


The payments landscape is highly fragmented from numerous touch points across in-store, mobile and online siloes, multiple platforms, devices, processors, and data sources, along with the reconciliation reporting burden.


Disruptive business models are appearing everywhere and they’re shifting the way the payments landscape operates. They’re going direct to merchants and changing customer expectations.


Payments are becoming commoditized, which is leading to diminished value and causing the payments landscape focus to shift towards the user experience being paramount..


ISOs and Fintech Innovators are faced with an overwhelming number of disparate options in the current payment landscape. This leaves you with disconnected solutions and managing compounding complexity, all while putting your business at risk of being left behind.


The existing payments landscape for ISVs, VARs and System Integrators is full of fragmentation and complexity. This ties up valuable resources and makes it hard to keep up with the ever-changing payment standards and customer needs.

ISOs, Fintech Innovators and Technologists who fail to adopt this new era risk being left behind.